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Time: 2018-12-11

On November 1, 2016, APT Mobile SatCom Limited(“APTSATCOM”) and APT Satellite Company Limited (“APT (HK)”) and China Great Wall Industry Corporation (“CGWIC”) formally held the signing ceremony of APSTAR-6D SatelliteIn-orbit Delivery Procurement Contract, and the Letter of Intent of procurement of Global High-throughput Satellite Communication System(“Letter of Intent”).


The HTS System mentioned in the Letter of Intent will include four (4) high-throughput satellites with geostationary orbits and the ground network systems, and will be the first global high-throughput satellite communication system in China. This high-throughput broadband communication satellite system based on the Ku and Ka spot beams shall establish the global internet communication system and shall be the satellite broadband communication network and service platform, providing the high-quality, high-efficiency, and cost-effective broadband satellite communication services for the maritime, airborne and land vehicle communications.


The high throughput broadband satellites for the broadband satellite communication system will use the multiple spot beams and frequency multiplexing technology in Ku or Ka band, and the capacity will be dozens of times higher than that of the conventional communication satellite, enabling users to enjoy high-speed Internet service via satellite transmission anytime and anywhere via the satellite, while the transmission prices drop significantly.

The total amount of the Letter of Intent is about RMB 10 billion.The APSTAR-6D satellite, the first HTS satellite project under the Letter of Intent, has finished the comprehensive technical analysis and has been kicked off now for design. APSTAR-6D satellite will be developed based on the DFH-4 Enhanced (DFH-4E) satellite platform with a hybrid propulsion solution.APSTAR-6D satellite is currently the most complex in design and the most advanced in technology in the whole DFH-4series satellites.

Apstar-6D satellite will be launched and delivered to APTSATCOM on 2019 by the Long March 3B launch vehicle from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center at Sichuan province of China. After the completion of the APSTAR-6D Satellites, it will provide high-throughput broadband satellite communication services for both fixed and mobile application mostly in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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